15 Facts about Coca-Cola that every Coke drinker should know

1. Did you know that Coca-Cola can be used to remove blood stains from clothes
2. It is also a very effective insect repellent
3. It also can clear all the burnt food stuck at the bottom of the pan


4. If someone accidentally got marker on your carpet, pour some coke over it and then scrub with a soapy solution. The marker stains should come out easily.


5.  You can also fix or remove any bad dye with Diet Coke. If you hate the colour of your hair dye, soak your hair in Diet Coke and remove any permanent hair dye from your hair.


6. Did you know that Coca-Cola can make your car battery last longer? If you simply pour some coke over the battery terminals you can clean it up in a flash. 
7. Got a gum stuck on your hair? Don’t worry, you don’t have to shave your head. You can soak the gum and the hair in Coke for 15 minutes and then the gum will wipe out easily


8. You can remove paint from a metal surface by using Coca-Cola. Soak a towel in Coke and then lay it over the paint for a few hours, the paint will come off when you remove the towel.
9. You can also clean coins with Coca-cola. To clean them up, put your coins in a bowl or in a container and then fill it with Coke and leave it for a few hours. They will look like new once the process is done


10. Hate snails crawling in your garden? Well you can always use Coca-Cola to kill them 


11. Want to make your toilet bowl sparking clean? Use Coca-Cola!!.  Simply pour a can of Coke into the bowl and let it soak over night. The next morning, scrub the toilet with a brush and flush away the dirt


12. Did you know that Coca-Cola can dissolve our human teeth? Yes it can!!
13. You can also use it to clean chrome and aluminium foils to make it shine as new


14. If you ever get grease or oil on your clothes while cooking, simply pour some Coke in the washer with the clothes.
15. Tile grout can be one of the most difficult places to clean, but a can of Coke makes it easy. First, pour the Coke on the floor, let it soak for a few minutes and then wipe the coke and dirt away. Simple as that 


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