15 Best ”Jadilah Seperti Rashid” Post

Jadilah Seperti Rashid
Jadilah Seperti Rashid is a popular spin off localized version of the popular ”Be Like Bill” meme that gained over 200,000 ”Likes” on Facebook just two days since it was first went online. 

The social media Fanpage has now gained over 300,000 ”Likes” since it was first launched. The “Jadilah Seperti Rashid” (Be like Rashid) page posts up memes based on everyday scenarios and the best practise it associates with it and has become viral following for its often humorous, satirical content in Bahasa Malaysia.

Here is FM’s top 15 15 Best ”Jadilah Seperti Rashid” Post:

1. RaybanRayban

2. Isap

lolol isap

3. Kuli

Pekerja Lama Kuli

4. GF problems

Rashid 1

5. Starbucks

Rashid 26. Diskaun

Rashid 77.  Hutang

Rashid 8

8. Awek Cun

Rashid 9

9. Kulit Gelap

Rashid 10

10. Signal

rashid 11

11. Muka Depan Harian Metro

Rashid 12

12. Lighter 

rashid 13

13. Sayur

Rashid 14

14. Putus Cinta

Rashid 16

15. 1Malaysia

Rashid 20

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