14 Things you see or experience on Thaipusam (Exclusively in Malaysia)

thaipusam in malaysia
Hindus take a vow to offer a kavadi to idol for the purpose of tiding over or averting a great calamity. Thaipusam is one of the days where those vows are fulfilled for Lord Muruga.
It is not a celebration like Deepavali, it is just a day to fulfil vows and pray. Below are some interesting stuffs you might see or experience on Thaipusam in Malaysia. Batu Caves and Penang Waterfall temple are two famous places to be on Thaipusam.
1. The crowd under the hot sun 


2. Yellow, yellow, yellow everywhere

yellow everywhere

Suppose yellow is just a Thaipusam colour, oh well… The colour signifies Lord Muruga’s favourite colour. You might notice, the flowers offered are mostly yellow as well.
3. The colorful ones


In between the yellow ones, you will notice those with colourful sarees and punjabi suits, not to mention those ladies with their make up and those matching jewelries.. Well, guess it’s another day to doll up in a traditional way..
4. People piercing the cheeks, tongue, or skin


You might feel that some look really fierce and scary…
5. People carrying pots filled with milk and holding them on their head

pots on head

It’s actually heavy and the tough part here is to climb all those steps in that crowd…especially in Batu Caves and Penang Waterfall temple..
6. Excited tourist or Malaysians from other races taking selfies 


Should have been amazed by the crowd, people, or the event itself…
7. Coconut Flood

coconut flood

8. That long queue for food (Free for everyone!)

free food

Some just go for the food… Taste too good!!!
9. Head shave

head shave

Just FYI, people shave heads as a form of offering, and this includes both male and female. Sandalwood paste is applied on their head after that…
10. The so called “Charity People”


You definitely will face at least one person asking donation for charity purpose…
11. Thunderous loud music


Make sure your ear drums are strong enough to endure those loud beats of drums and music..
12. Not forgetting, some Malaysians especially the non-Hindus out there will even greet you “Happy Thaipusam” thinking it to be a celebration like Deepavali (But we are happy to see you there)
13. By the way…there is something new this year (2015) in Batu Caves. The one and ONLY automatic “Paal Kudam” (milk pot)!


Guess things are just high-tech these days….
14. And the next day, you can see our Prime Minister in newspapers with headlines stating he joined in to celebrate Thaipusam with his people


And the drama of politics continue……

najib 2

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