14 Things only Malaysians who wear contact lens will understand

wearing contact lense malaysia
1. Small tiny dirt under our contacts = Comfort ruined 
2. Accidentally took a nap with our contacts on = Eyes dryer than a desert 

sleep dangerously

3. Left eye contact different power and right eye contact different power…Mixing them up is like a nightmare 
4. When we’re all ready for bed and we close our eyes and remember we left our contacts on


5. For the girls…we understand that feeling when you’re trying to put on eyeliner and it gets on one of your contact lenses 
6. Every time we put our contacts on = Watery eyes 24/7

watery eyes

7. We have a lot of these…don’t ask why

contat lens covers

8. And we just hate it when we rub our eye too hard and it causes our contact to fold into an origami crane…Feels like blinking through knives 
9. Losing a lens is worse than losing a child 

i think i foud

10. Going to the beach and its windy….We run for our life with our eyes closed 
11. Contact lenses are expensive 

why so expensive

12. Speaking about it being expensive, sometimes you soak them in tap water instead of using the right solution
We normally regret doing this the next day….
13. And that feeling when you accidentally ripped/tore your contact lens

ripped contact

14. But we still wear them everyday…Because they’re kinda magical
They can be a pain, but glasses are a bigger pain!

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