14 Things only Malaysian girls who love to eat will understand

malaysians eating-compressed (1)

1. If you carry a big handbag, there is a high chance inside got food

Image Source: geardiary.com
Image Source: geardiary.com

You treat is as Touch ‘n Go cause you never know when you might need it.

2. When you are eating, people around you will be like “Why can’t you stop eating?” and you be like “Can you shut up! I’m eating”


3. You hate brushing your teeth at night because if you do that, you can’t eat anymore


4. You actually cuddled your food before

5. You promise yourself that you’ll never gonna eat again cause you are so full after eating a huge meal…But after 20 minutes, you eat again

im so fat

6. For you, food is more important than clothes 

In other words, you spend more money on food compared to clothes.

7. When it comes to grocery shopping…You absolutely LOVE IT!

groceries meme

8. You spend time thinking about food more than people 

eating me

And if you date a person who don’t love food, it just doesn’t work. Even in a million years.

9. At times, you use PMS as an excuse for eating so much…even when it’s nowhere near the time of your month 

eating meme

10. 90 percent of your Instagram images involves food

11. Speaking about Instagram, at times you post other images to make people think that you are actually doing something else other than eating

12. Sometimes you wonder whether you are pregnant…It turns out to be “food baby”

i love food

13. You eat. Then you sleep the next minute. When you wake up, you regret what you did

And you do it all over again.

14. People will never understand you. But you’ve never been happier


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