11 Reasons Malaysian women should never work out

dont work out
1. Apparently, working out speeds up your metabolism. Who wants to speed up their metabolism anyway? Pffttt
2. Reduce belly fat they say. NOT INTERESTED LAH!

belly fat

3. And who wants to feel confident anyway?
4. Self-esteem is certainly not necessary in your everyday life

low self esteem

5. Working out makes women physically active and contribute to a longer life…Whats the big f**king deal of living longer life, right?
6. We women love stress and anxiety 


7. And why burn fat when we love to eat? Doesn’t make sense right?


8. Do not get involved with strength training too as it improves flexibility. Which is just an all around nope!
9. Cycling, running on the treadmill and swimming are for losers 

so you are telling me

10. Feeling powerful and independent is also for the losers 
11. And who on earth wants to stay healthy and in shape?

who wants

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