14 Facts About SEGi College, Subang Jaya

1. Majority of the students here are Chinese and Indians.
2. The parking in Segi Subang Jaya is terrible. The basement parking is always full and students tend to double park. The parking space is small and sometimes minor accidents happen. If you don’t want to park at Segi Subang Jaya, you can always park your car at the  Summit shopping centre.
3. If classes ends after 5, you will have a tough time coming out of Segi Subang Jaya because of the traffic jam. The traffic jam is really terrible here.
4. The cafeteria serves mediocre food. Many students walk to the Summit shopping centre to have their lunch as there are many food choices there.
5. The staff and lecturers in Segi Subang Jaya are really friendly.
6. We are not allowed to smoke in campus but some of us do and we have our own ”smoking pots”( we will not reveal this).
7. Segi Subang Jaya has 11 floors. You will have to wait for the lift when it is a peak hour. The lift tend to stops at every floor.
8. Toilets here are quite clean as the cleaners clean the toilets regularly. Sometimes the toilet runs out of toilet paper.
9. At times, waiting at the ground floor lobby isn’t that boring as the guys usually checkout the ladies. There a loads of hot ladies here in Segi Subang Jaya.
10. If you go there for counselling, you would get a complimentary coffee while the counsellor explains you the courses that they offer in Segi Subang Jaya.
11. Segi Subang also provides shuttle buses to Puchong and also to Klang as the rates to these shuttle buses are really affordable.
12. Mr Vijay, the student counsellor surely knows how to make orientation interesting.
13. We do have  dress codes in Segi Subang Jaya (guys are not allowed to wear piercings, girls are not allowed to wear low cut dress or skirt and many more) but you still see many of them walking around with piercings and short skirts.
14. Overall, studying in Segi Subang Jaya is great as they bring fun learning experience in the process of meeting new good friends.

We are pretty sure we left out many facts here, please do not hesitate to add them in the comment section below And for those who would like to contribute a piece for their own college/university, you can send it in here.

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