13 Types Of School Shoes Only Malaysians Would Remember

marco school shoes

1. Pallas/Jazz

jazz pallas

jazz pallas

pallas school shoes best

2. Converse/All Star 

all star

converse all star-compressed

3. Nike/Adidas 


4. Bata/B.First


5. Asadi – This is as close as we could get to Adidas back then


6. ProJog 

[Image Not Found]

7. North Star/Jazz Star and any other Stars – Turns out wearing this and a brand new All Star Converse shoes feels the same

north star

8. Fung Keong

fung keong school shoes
Image Source: wordpress.com

fung keong kasut sekolah

fung keong
Image Source: instaweb.com

9. Marco

marco school shoes

10. BM2000

bata bm2000-compressed

11. BM2000 Turbo

[Image Not Found]

12. Bata Badminton Master

bata badminton master

13. Warrior 

warrior kasut sekolah

And there are three ways you wash your school shoes….

1. You brush it yourself 

cuci kasut sekolah

2. You bully your little brother/sister and ask him/her to wash for you

adik cuci

adik cuci kasut-compressed

3. ‘Wash it’ using this ShoeWhite

wash it

new shoe white

Or you just don’t wash it at all

kasut tak cuci-compressed

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