13 Types of KitKats in Japan that Malaysia should have

japanese kitkat malaysia
1. Wa Ichigo (Strawberry flavoured) 


KitKat Wa-Ichigo is made with quality Tochiotome strawberries, a variety praised for its fine balance of sweetness and tartness.
2. Sakura Matcha (Sakura + Japanese green tea flavour)


Sakura Matcha KitKats are generally only available during springtime in Japan. If you love cherry blossom, green tea and white chocolate, and you ever have access to these rare treats, you should definitely try them out!
3. Raspberry (Osaka)


No one says no to these pretty pink bars. They are among our favourite flavours, and the slight tartness never fail to leave us lingering for more.
4. Kobe Pudding

kobe puding-compressed

Something like white chocolate, this is one really sweet and custardy treat.
5. Hokkaido Komame (Red Bean Hokkaido flavoured)


This KitKat is made with red beans from the Northern part of Japan. And for those who love red beans, you will definitely find this awesome.
6. Apple Pie & Carrot

apple pie and carrot-compressed

Apparently this flavour was created after Japanese customers were asked for their favourite flavour combinations.
7. Brown Sugar Syrup 

brown sugar

This is just sweet. But in a good way.
8. Matcha (Green Tea Flavoured)

matcha kit kat-compressed

Matcha KitKats are generally only available in Kyoto, Japan. If you’re a green tea lover and you ever have the opportunity to try one, you should jump at the chance! Matcha KitKats have a full, bittersweet matcha green tea flavor that surpasses the intensity of most Malaysian green tea confections.
9. Blueberry Cheesecake 

blueberry cheesecake

That’s right! The packaging looks as delicious as it tastes. If KitKat gave us Malaysians a choice to have only this Blueberry Cheesecake flavour, we seriously don’t mind at all!
10. Strawberry Cheesecake 

strawberry cheesecake-compressed

This is the special edition Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat from Yokohama in central Japan. This KitKat is infused with a lovely strawberry cheesecake flavour. A perfect choice for those interested in Japanese KitKats but want to try a subtler and delicate taste.
11. Amaou Strawberry


Amaou strawberries are the most popular strawberries in Japan. The name ‘Amaou’, itself a registered trademark, is an acronym of the Japanese words for ‘red’, ‘round’, ‘big’, and ‘tasty’. As they are grown exclusively in Fukuoka prefecture in Kyushu, Amaou strawberries were chosen to represent Kyushu in Nestle’s regional KitKat range.
12. Ichimi (Cili Pedas flavour)

ichimi kitkat

It’s a spicy seasoning that is typically made from seven ingredients, one of them being red pepper flakes. It’s surprisingly delicious on udon and ramen. Kinda weird but in a good way weird.
13. Shinshuu Apple 

shinshuu apple-compressed

A limited edition dark chocolate Kit Kat form Japan, the Shinshu Apple Flavour is fruity.  Hinting towards an apple Jolly Rancher, even if you don’t love Apples you will truly enjoy this.
So KitKat….You heard us loud and clear! We want these flavours listed above.

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