13 Things that shows what it’s like growing up as a Chinese in Malaysia

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1. When we are looking for ice-cream in the fridge…we find uncooked meat instead

ice cream malaysia

2. Whisking eggs with chopsticks is a normal thing 

eggs with chopsticks

3. Speaking about chopsticks, doing this will get us into huge trouble with our parents

cant do this

4. Baking is always hard because the oven is always FILLED with pans and things that has nothing to do with an oven 

dirty pans in oven

5. White Rabbit Milk Candy #enoughsaid 

white rabbit

6. When we turn on the TV in our house to watch some movie, the first channel you see is definitely something related to Chinese drama 

chinese drama malaysia-compressed

7. Back then, we tend to watch this Chinese show because its the closest thing to cartoons

chinese show malaysia

8. All of our remotes had “casing”

remote casing-compressed

9. We still haven’t discover the reason why our mum collect all this free containers. We never really use them but its everywhere in the house


10. Similar to containers, we have lots of trash bags..And we think trash bags are more useful than those free containers

trash bag-compressed

11. Our door steps look like this 

doorsteps malaysia chinese

12. We have this “cool” stool in various rooms around the house..At times, it does help

cool stool

13. We know we have to run and hide when our parents go mad and start finding one of these 

chasing tools

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