13 Things only Malaysians who wear spectacles understand

malaysians wearing spectacles
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1. You hate misplacing your spectacles. If you misplace them, you are literally forced to walk around and you will look like you are suspicious of everything

futurama meme cant see-compressed

2. And you hate people trying on your glasses and go like “Woahhhhhh! Your eyesight so bad ah??”

no shit

3. Wearing 3D glasses over your spectacles is also a struggle 

3d glasses

4. When you get wet in the rain with your spectacles…It feels like driving a car without a wiper 
5. The fog….It’s just annoying

fog glasses

6. And when you see people wearing fake spectacles, it bothers you. They say its “fashion accessory”. That’s like wearing a hearing aid because you think it makes you look cool
7. Shaving is another problem for the ladies and as well as the guys. You will be like, will I cut myself cause the world is blurred or will I cut myself cause the world is under heavy fog? Either way you will cut yourself or miss a spot

cut yourself

8. Falling asleep with your spectacles is also a problem…And it makes you look like a fool

falling a sleep

9. Playing sports like dodgeball or football with your spectacles on is never a good option

hit on the fac

10. And you HATE the fact that people kept trying to convert you from a spectacle person to a contact lens person
Sticking something into your eyes? No thank you!
11. But the fact that people assume you to be smart makes you feel good

not for sale

And sometimes…being smart is sexy
12. Despite all the struggles, you just know that in the end, wearing spectacles makes you who you are 
You will always be known as the guy or girl who wear spectacles
13. And you will never give them up because you are secretly in love with them like its a part of your body

love your glasses

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