13 Things only Malaysians who wear braces understand

wearing braces

1. Only you understand what you went through to get your braces fixed


So, how many teeth you got removed before putting your braces on?

2. The price of having your braces fixed is a whole new story

3. You always run your tongue along your braces because it feels weirdly weird

how it feels

4. Its a constant torture for a few days when you get your braces tightened every month…Eating steak during this period is like killing yourself

food i cant eat

5. Speaking about torture, you also experience lots of cuts in your mouth from the loose brackets 

make its top

6. Eating chewing gum is a nightmare 

chewing gum

7. You are always paranoid that there is something stuck in your braces

8. Taking photos or selfies is simply a tricky business..You never really felt comfortable smiling with your braces on

9. People always tell you that it’s going to be worth it in the end

10. And yesssss! It was worth it!


11. When you got your braces off, once again you always run your tongue along your perfect teeth and the feeling is simply priceless

12. Then comes in the retainers. If you did not wear your retainers for a couple of weeks, then just forget about wearing it or face the agony of the tight fit

13. But then again, you somehow miss those moments when you have your braces on

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