13 Things a Malaysian with an elder brother will understand

brothers in malaysia
1. You always demand for new clothes from your parents. You get your brother’s old ones
2. But getting his old clothes is not all that bad. You will be able to fit in his awesome t-shirt or shirts that you have always wanted
3. You are introduced to good music before any of your friends. All thanks to his CD collections (It makes you look cool in front of your friends)

cool song

4. And you are also exposed to all these bad words and pornography earlier compared to your friends (You look cooler)
5. He blackmails you all the god damn time 


6. He takes your things without your permission 
7. Not forgetting the fights you get yourself into with him (WWE)

wwe fighting brother

8. Speaking of fights, all thanks to the fights you had with your brother, you are now physically stronger
9. At times, you become his laboratory rat. He perform experiments on you


10. You know him more than your parents 
11. He always got your back when it comes to arguing with parents 

got your back

12. Only HE can insult you. Anyone else does it = Dead Meat
13. And no matter how much trouble you’re in, he will try his very best to get you out of it

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