13 Reasons why Malaysians should go to Big Bad Wolf Books

big bad wolf books malaysia
1. You get to feast on books! It’s more like going for a book party
2. It’s the biggest book fair in the world!

biggest book sale

3. When we say books, they are not just boring books. You even have comics, dummies, Marvels, romance, business, history and the list just goes on. So you don’t have to be a nerd or a book lover to go to BBW
4. There are also books for you to tuck in your kids to bed

tuck your kids

5. And the best part is BB1M vouchers are accepted there!


6. Which means you don’t have to take a penny from your wallet but just use your vouchers and get all your favourite books¬†
7. They are so cheap that you will not even have the heart to steal it and despite being so cheap, they even offer you vouchers. How awesome is that?

free voucher-compressed

8. You can even get a book this thick for only RM5


9. You might also meet your old and long lost friend there
10. Or even make new friends
11. BBW travels north and south to meet you..so you don’t have to travel far to meet them

coming down

12. And if you’re one of the first 50, you get a chance to get Preview Passes and BBW exclusive bookmarks and button badges


13. The fire sale on the last day of the fair is definitely not to be missed! You can even get books for RM2! Other bookstores simply cannot beat their price

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