13 Questions Singaporeans have for the Malaysians

singaporeans in malaysia
1. What’s up with your government?

malaysian government-compressed

2. Concerts are actually fun when its held in Malaysia but why always gets cancelled?


3. How can you live with the slow internet?

internet speed asia

4. The cars in Malaysia are actually priced pretty cheap compared to Singapore. Why you guys still complain?

cars malaysia

5. And why do you also complain about the property price in Malaysia? At least you guys get to live on a landed property

propery malaysia

6. Why do you claim that our food is yours?

hainanese chicken rice

7. Why do you call us Singaporeans “Kiasu”? 

kiasu singaporean

The definition of “Kiasu” is afraid of “losing out” to other people.
8. Why we always come across snatch thief videos in Malaysia? Is your country really safe? 

snatch thief

9. Why your roads got so many holes? Lubang here, lubang there..

bad road malaysia

10. Do all the policemen in Malaysia take bribes? 

taking bribe police malaysia

11. Why your public toilets are so dirty? It looks like a crime scene in there and don’t get us started with the smell of the toilet

toilet malaysia dirty

12. We Singaporeans have been paying GST since 1994 and now our GST rate is at 7%. Why you guys still complain?

bantah gst-compressed

13. Why you all like to complain?


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