13 Facts About Zouk, Kuala Lumpur

zouk club kuala lumpur

1. It’s the most happening club in Malaysia

2. The girls and guys ratio are kind of balance here compared to any other clubs

3. Cheapest way to get wasted, RM110 for two jugs of long island

4. Quite a number of us get in with guest list but we don’t really know who the guest list name belong to

5. Ballers. Ballers everywhere

ballers ballers everywhere

6. There are many parking spots around this area and the cheapest that we found is RM10

7. At times, we tend to bump into a long lost friend

8. After 2.00AM the toilet bowls and even the sinks are filled with puke

9. There are four popular rooms in Zouk and they are known as Barsonic, Velvet Underground, Phuture and Main Room

10. The most happening rooms are Phuture and Velvet Underground

11. The dance floors are usually pack after 12.30AM

12. However, when you go to the dance floor, you will literally see many single guys looking for target

zouk ladies

13. Most guys hope for a one night stand if they plan for a Zouk night, but don’t put your hopes too high

[Image Credit : Justin Klein]

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