13 Facts About Vertigo Club, Kuala Lumpur

vertigo club gardens

1. College freshman everywhere

freshman everywhere

2. There are two rooms in Vertigo Club. They are known as Bianco and Nero

nero vertigo

3. Nero is mostly filled with Chinese and Bianco on the other hand is filled with Malays

4. The washroom’s toilet bowl and sink will be filled with puke from 12.30AM and it gets worst after that

5. The dance floor is always packed with single guys looking for preys

vertigo club youngsters

6. Parking there is cheap and finding a parking slot is never a problem

7. On rare occasions, their music stop playing middle of the party

8. The view from Vertigo Nero is pretty spectacular

9. Party people there get drunk easily and we think it’s because of fact Number 1

10. At the end of every night in Vertigo, you will see a lot of drunk/wasted people lying down at the side walks back to your car park

11. The middle of Vertigo Nero, there is a VIP section and it seems very unfair that we can’t be up there

12. The dance floor looks cool with many lightings

vertigo club gardens dance floor

13. It’s a cool place for youngsters to party and it is not for the older people. Unless, the older people are looking for younger ladies [sugar-daddy]

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