13 Facts About University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

university malaya

1. Majority of us are Malays

2. We have some pretty cool lecturers in our University

3. Food Junction and Food Village is where we stuff ourselves with food

4. If we are bored with those two places mentioned above, you can find us in either Mid Valley Megamall or Mapley


5. However, we have some serious parking issue

6. On top of that, the student portal that we have is not something to be proud of

7. The campus WiFi can also make one go crazy

8. But the toilets are surprisingly well taken care of

9. Some of the biggest events that brings all University Malaya students together are Feseni (Festival Seni), Sukmum (Sukan Mahasiswa) and Feskum (Festival Konvokesyen). And we are glad they have such events

festival seni university malaya

10. The Facebook Confession Page we have is surprisingly active. Mostly it’s about relationships

11. Speaking of relationships, Bukit Cinta is where couples head to for “dating purposes”

12. Although the management says that the hostels has a curfew (which is 12am), we are glad that we still can head back at 3am (thank you guards)

13. Overall, studying here is pretty much fun and it’s way better compared to any other private universities out there in terms of price (fees) and the brand (Top 200 Universities in the world)

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