13 Facts About SS15, Subang Jaya

ss15 subang jay
SS15 Subang Jaya is somehow the most happening place among college students. Weirdly enough, people are even travelling all the way from Cyberjaya just to hang here.
1. Asia Cafe is the place to be for college students.
asia cafe ss15Pool, Ladies, Foosball, and Cheap Food. 

2. It’s also known as a Cybercafe Land – There are plenty of cybercafes around this area and most of them are targeting the college students. Some of the most well known ”CCs” are FTZ and AutoSurf. 

Canai @ SS15 – The place where people gather before and after heading to a club. They do have some pretty decent food as well.

4. Roundabout of Death – It’s the worst roundabout one can go through, Pesiaran Kewajipan

5. Body Massage, Foot Massage,  “you name it” and this place have it

6. Taiwanese Desert is a trend over here

snowflake at ss15

7. Burger Bakar is currently “trending”

8. “Bird Shit” car park is the only convenient parking spot

9. Heading to SS15 at 3-4PM? Well, good luck passing by Sri KL (Opposite SJMC) – Traffic police should definitely take serious actions against these rich folks.

10. Pork noodle & Uncle Seng- Noodles made to perfection

11. SS15 Rojak & Cendol- The perfect lunch combo

ss15 rojak and cendol

12. Restoran Darussalam still have the best Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken

13. Going to the bank on a weekday afternoon in SS15? “Good Luck”

ss15 banks public bank

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