13 Facts About SMJK Pei Yuan, Kampar

smjk pei yuan

1. This school was built in 1912 and it’s one of the most popular secondary school in Kampar

2. It was once known as Hokkien School, however, it was then renamed to Pei Yuan in 1915

3. There is a rule in this school whereby the boys and the girls have to leave from different gates

4. Our school is the best place to be in if there is flood as it is located on the hillside

5. Chinese language is a compulsory subject for every student including Malays and Indians

chinese indian malay in pei yuan

6. We used to hate the morning assembly and the spot-checks whereby they check our hair, socks, school uniform, school bags and spectacles

7. The boys hairstyle is fixed to be similar to the army hairstyle. The barbers around the school area even have a name after the haircut which is called the “Pei Yuan haircut”

pei yuan hair cut

8. Speaking about army, we are proud of our school’s marching teams. There are 9 marching teams at the moment and we have won many awards from the marching competition

pei yuan marching team

9. There will be a formal assembly held in our school every Monday. The principle will usually make his speech in three languages – Bahasa Malaysia, English Language and Bahasa Cina

10. The counselling room is probably the best place in our school as there are comfortable sofas placed inside. Now the girls are getting much more attracted to the room because of the new handsome counselor

11. Some of the walls in our school are painted by the students

12. The toilets on the other hand are always vandalized and our principal has decided not to repair them anymore – Thanks a lot vandalize-rs

13. Overall, we would say that Pei Yuan can be in the list of one of the best schools to study in

lencana sekolah pei yuan

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