13 Facts About Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur


1. There are many foreigners at Changkat strolling for bars ( Ang Moh, Black people, Middle Easterns, Koreans and possible sometimes Mexicans)

2. Every month there is a new club that starts operating and dies off after a few months later

3. The most happening club with locals in it is Movida


4. There are many ladyboys/shemales around and foreigners tend to go back with them (Ang Mohs cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman)

5. There are many prostitution centers around, the most luxurious ‘spa center’ is located opposite Movida

6. Temptations are always filled with Indians, Reggae Bar are filled with Middle Easterns and Black people and Frangipani are filled with homosexuals (gay bar)


7. The traffic there is really bad starting from 9pm to 3am

8. Parking rates are from RM10 to RM20 depending  where you park (similar to Zouk, KL)


9. Cheapest way to get high is by pre-drinking. You can always head to KK Mart and buy cheap drinks from there

10. There are many supper options around this area ( lok lok, mamaks and chinese hawkers stalls). If you are broke you can always head to KK Mart or 7-Eleven and get bread.


11. Having fun there is impossible without a group of friends unless you are a hot lady or a guy who wants to get laid with prostitutes (mainly GROs or ladyboys)

12. At times we wonder how the people living around the area sleep at night. It gets really noisy

13. Reminder: Always use the right route or road back home unless you want to pay ”duit kopi”

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