12 things you need to make peace with in order for a happier life!.


Previously we had 10 main things to let go to be a happy person, click HERE to read about it. However, there are 12 other things we also need to make peace with which happen in our past that may bother us in our way to get a happier life.


1. Your partners sexual past.

Well, as long as your partner did not pick up any transferable disease then you guys are good to go. Think of all the benefits you get through their experience.


2. Your parents mistake.

Well, get over it! You still can’t get over the fact that your parents force you to take ballet lesson? Just get over it, and appreciate. You would be much happier.


3. Your own mistakes.

Again, get over it!. You thought it was cool to dance, but unfortunately you suck at it. Well, just get over it. The past is the past. Just laugh it off.


4. Shit’s happen in life.

Well, don’t deny it. Acknowledge it and deal with it. Don’t cry over it!.


5. Your “arch-enemy” since kindergarten.

Are you still going to hold grudges against them after all these years? Well, suck it up and just forget about it. Don’t keep any enemy!.


6. A lousy childhood.

Well, have you heard of the term “there is someone else in a worst condition then you” ? Well, yes it is true!. Whatever lousy childhood you had, look at the person you are right now. Just make peace with your past and strive to be better today.


7. Your neighbors party?

Neighbors are create to have a comparison with you!. It always seems your neighbors are richer then you and have more exciting life then you. Well, suck it up and just move on with your life. 


8. Monday blues.

Well, make peace with Monday and embrace it. Try to make your Monday’s productive. Not sulky. Try that for a change.


9. Your fantasy.

Everyone have their own fantasy. It’s good. But always do a reality check. 


10. Your partner’s “Flaw”.!?

Well, newsflash, they might be embracing your own flaw and accepting them too. Why don’t you do the same? No one is perfect.


11. Your daily work routine.

Set your own priorities daily and be firm with it. Live your own life, not others.!


12. Longevity.

We all will be dead. By hook or by crook we all will bite the dust eventually. Come to terms with that and make sure everyday of your life counts!.


Have a wonderful day ahead guys.

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