12 Things Only Malaysians Who Went To a Mix School (Co-ed School) Will Understand

co ed school-compressed

1.  We boys tend to go after younger girls (our juniors) in school and younger girls tend to go after us older boys because we are more mature (so-called). There are some of us guys, who date older girls in school and are crowned ”kings”.

2. Fighting over a girl is common in school. Maybe not  that extreme, but there are always a conflict that involves a girl. Well there are certain times, girls fights for us guys too. CAT FIGHT!!!


3.  Sometimes there are cases of guys and girls having sex in the school (mostly in toilets, changing rooms, empty classrooms and sometimes at the staircases)

4.  Form 1 girls will usually have  to attend a ‘’menstruation class’’ or talk (where they teach them about menstruation and how to clean them up ) and the boys have no idea what’s going on with them. The girls will be given a free period pad at the end of the talk to use on rainy days


5.   In some school, a girl and guy are not allowed to be alone in classrooms or else you will be branded as couples. Some teachers might also accuse you of having sex even tough you have your cloths on and you are eating a slice of bread. (GOOD GOING SCHOOL TEACHERS)

6.  During Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan (PJK), some guys would spy on girls changing their cloths (peeping tom).

7.  During recess time, couples would take advantage to go on ‘’mini dates’’ (usually at the staircases or empty classrooms) .

8.  Girls and guys usually play separate sports (guys usually play football or basketball and the girls usually play netball).


9. Lesbians are very much accepted during school days but not gay couples (homosexual). When a girl has really really short hair, she is branded as a tomboy. When a guy talks and walk like a girl he will be branded a sissy or a pondan.

10. Girls and guys like to tease each other in almost everything.

11. When it comes to Form 3 Science Topic on Reproductive System, the guys get  excited. Girls don’t usually show it but there are some who also enjoy them 😉


12. No matter how bad it was, we still miss those times (the good and bad)


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