12 Things only Malaysians who can’t remember roads will understand


1. That feeling of driving on a particular road more than once – Deja vu

tad familiar

2. It takes you weeks for you to get used to one route

3. Road diversion = Road to “Jalan Panic” – Part 1

road diversion

4. No sign-boards = Road to “Jalan Panic” – Part 2

leading nowhere

5. You know where to go, but you just don’t know how to go

6. Wrong turns holds a different meaning in your life

wrong turns

7. Speaking of wrong turns…Even by using GPS, you still make god damn wrong turns

8. Most of the road looks the same to you

roads look the same

9. Driving alone to a new location = nightmare

10. When you found someone who can’t remember roads just like you..you will drive like you know every single lorong. You still end up getting lost

11. If you are living in Klang Valley and you can’t remember roads, you tend to come across more tolls

toll roads-compressed

12. At times you get so sick of driving and you tend to ask your friend to take over your car and drive you around

driving friend around

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