12 Things Malaysian Has Done But Would Never Admit

Image Credit: TheGrimFilm - YouTube

1. When you are in a movie theater and the person behind you is lightly but noticeably resting their feet against the back of your seat so you exaggeratedly lean the chair back in the hopes that they realise you are annoyed and stop doing it

2. When you’re going through the detectors at the store and pray the cashier scanned everything and took all the sensors off

store detectors-compressed

3. Stealing fries 

stealing fries

4. Been “OTW-ed”

that little bitch

5. When your friends are making plans and you act like you’re down with it but deep down you know you can’t make it because you’ll be asleep at that time #ffk


6. Or saying “I have plans” to get out of other plans, when the only thing you have planned is:


7. That fake laugh you do when you have no idea what the other person said

fake laugh

8. When someone says “ten years ago”, you think about the 90’s…not 2006

In other words, you lost track of the decade.

9. When you have to watch cartoons after a scary movie so you don’t have nightmares

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 6-compressed

10. Concentrate hard enough on making eye contact. Miss conversation because was concentrating too hard on making eye contact

11. Pee in the shower

One survey found that a whopping 62% of the people have urinated in the shower, and we bet countless more just didn’t want to admit it on that survey.

12. Pretend to not see someone you know

We all have done it.

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