12 suggested new year resolution which you might be able to follow.!!


2014 approaches. It’s the new year once again, and again, people will make new year resolution. It is always the same old stuff and it will die off within three weeks.

Here are the 10 new year resolution which will die off within three weeks.

Well, here are the 12 suggested new year resolution which you might be able to follow:


1. Try Driving with more patience, drive without using the phone, ipod and any other distractions. Be a more safe and calm driver!.




2. Be more matured in your email writings. No more short form words, don’t go over board with the emoticons and write sensibly. 




3. Cut down on beer. You usual amount might be 5 cans a night. Try going 3 cans a night. You save on calories and also your pocket money.



4. No more supper, no more eating fried stuff after dinner. Try eating fruits.




5. Try to be a better person among your friends and everyone else. Say sorry more and never fear to admit your own mistake. Try this “You’re right, I screwed up, I’m sorry.”.




6. Try to give more compliments to people. Then you will be better known as the guy who doesn’t open his mouth to complain only. 




7. Whenever going for a gathering, try to silent your phone and keep it in your pocket. Don’t remove it. Talk to the people in front of you. Engage with all of them. Not your gadgets. 




8. Yes. Jam is everywhere. Why not try to leave the house 10 minutes earlier then usual. It will be less stress and less curse. 




9. Spend more time with your family, talk more to your parents and siblings. They are the ones that love you unconditionally.




10. Going to bed earlier. Try getting into bed by at least 11:30. It will save you your liver and also you will be more fresh the following day. For kids, you will grow!.




11. Stop procrastinating!! Just get up and Do IT!




12. Be more positive towards life! Not everyone is against you. There is no plot to make your life suffer. Just be positive.


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