12 Struggles Of Being A Man In Malaysia

men struggling

1. Can’t be emotional without looking like a loser

2. ALWAYS expected to be wanting sex. To women, we are sex hounds and nothing more

sex hounds

3. When a guy is gay, there’s always way more hate. we don’t know why but it’s true

4. Always expected to be the stronger one

5. Emotion = Homosexuality

thank you guys

6. When women treat men like objects with d*cks, “That’s f*cking Hilarious!” And when men think  about women as an object… automatic Douche Bag

7. Girls can talk about men being stupid, annoying, worthless etc…and when men say the same thing about women, we’re automatically assholes

8. Straight men cant express the fact that they think another male is attractive without people yelling “GAAAAYYYY”


9. Erections get in the way of everything

10. You’re either a “sweet guy but your’re like my brother” or “Super douche but sooooo sexy”

say wants a nice guy

11. Men cant enjoy chick flicks, when a girl enjoys guy movies that’s hot. Seriously What the F*ck

12. We don’t get makeup, if you’re ugly your f*cked