12 Reasons why Perodua Myvi is POWER

perodua myvi malaysia-compressed
1. Because you can transport a whole sofa with it

sofa myvi

2. Motor also boleh masuk


3. Dead Kerbau also not a problem


4. And you can even use it to potong padi


5. It is also good in Kungfu kick


6. They can get married as well

get married

7. And when they grow up…They become Myvighini

when they grow up

8. Can swim too!

can swim also

9. Police cars are also attracted to Myvi 


10. But most importantly, you should never block a Myvi’s way

and you can

11. And when it flies, it lands with style 

because fly

12. So, you should not mess with a Myvi..There are many species out there…Like this Myvi Hilux and Myvi Brabus

myvi hilux

and myvi brabus

Myvi……Its simply multi-talented….

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