12 Facts that shows how huge 1MDB RM42 billion debt is

RM42,000,000,000. That’s a lot of zero. And below is a list of what you can do with RM42,000,000,000.
1. RM42 billion can build not one but 7 more Petronas twin towers

petronas twin towers malaysia-compressed

2. And stacked RM100 notes will be taller than 97 Petronas twin towers

petronas twin towers stacked-compressed

Source: Finance Twitter
3. If RM42 billion is divided equally to every single Malaysian (Assuming the population here is 30 million)…Everyone of you will get about RM1,400 each

make it rain

4. Free iPhone 6 for 16.8 million people in Malaysia 

E7RY09 Apple Silver iPhone 6 Plus showing the home screen with iOS 8.

5. Free full spec Myvi/Iriz for 700,000 fresh grads 

myvi or irz-compressed

6. Scholarship worth RM50,000 can be provided to 840,000 people

free education malaysia

7.  We can also build 4 bullet trains which is as good as the Japanese Shinkansen bullet train

shinkansen japan

We can travel from Ipoh – Kuala Lumpur in less than 30 minutes.
8. We can also own Liverpool FC (RM3.52 billion) + Manchester United FC + (RM11.11 billion) + Manchester City FC (RM4.92 billion) + Chelsea FC (RM4.9 billion) + Arsenal (RM4.68 billion) + Real Madrid (RM11.68 billion) 

liverpool fc-compressed

Still got RM2 billion balance after buying all those football clubs. And that RM2 billion we can use to sign a new contract with Steven Gerard and remain him in Liverpool forever.
9. Speaking about football, one of the best stadium in the world is known as Wembley Stadium and its located in London. With RM42 billion, we can build 10 similar stadiums here in Malaysia

wembley stadium

10. Free Unifi VIP 5 internet worth RM149 per month  for 22 million people in Malaysia for a year


11. Duty free cars for 6 years…

gti golf mk7

Every year our Malaysian government collects about RM7 billion in car duties. If RM42 billion were offset as duties, it can “temporarily” freezes such taxes, allowing Malaysians to enjoy cheap and quality foreign cars for roughly 6 (six) years. Source: FinanceTwitter.com
For example, the Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7) can be yours for only RM110,000 if its duty free.
12. The cost to rebuild Nepal after its most devastating earthquake in eight decades will exceed US$10 billion or RM35.8 billion. In other words, we can rebuild Nepal.

rebuild nepal malaysia-compressed

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