12 Facts About SMK La Salle, Petaling Jaya

la salle

1. This school was built in 1959. In other words, it’s been around for almost 55 years

2. There are more Malays than any other races in the school. Followed by Indians and Chinese

3. Scouts Den is where we hang after recess or school

scouts den la salle pj

4. At times you can even find us in Restaurant Raju or Sri Pandi (Mostly after school we will be here)

5. Speaking about restaurants, the aunty that sells the nasi lemak ayam in our school canteen was the most satisfying meal we could get, however, she left

6. Since its an all boys school, the only girls we look at are the Form 6 girls and as well as the hot lady teachers

hao jie la salle

7. On the other hand, when it comes to having girlfriends we prefer girls from either SMK Assunta or Catholic High School

8. Some of the entertainments we get in the morning during the assembly is watching someone “getting a haircut”

9. And if you were caught wearing high cut school shoes, you will be walking barefoot for the whole day

10. The toilets are never clean (We never really bothered about the cleanliness of our toilets. As long as we still can do our business, is good enough)

11. A phone during those times is very important for us. We bring them to school by hiding it in our shoe, rubbish bin, underwear or at times we just hand it to our prefect friends to keep it safe for the moment

12. And finally, gang fights and our school bus stop gets along really well

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