12 Facts about Malaysian body builders

1. They are really huge
2. Some of their face are smaller compared to their body…It just doesn’t make sense

just saying

3. One of their secret, is their special drink….supplements 
4. They don’t mind ditching their girlfriend in order to save more money to buy more supplements 
5. But honestly, they do have some style 


Some of us Malaysians only can wish to look like them…cause you know lah..Malaysians lazy 
6. They always wear branded underwear 


At times, their underwear is more expensive compared to their t-shirts 
7. It’s pretty unfair for the ladies..And that’s because for men to be fit, all we need to do is eat as much as we can and go to the gym. For the ladies on the other hand, they need to eat very less and still go to the gym to stay fit

bodybuilding diet plan

8. They look at their body in the mirror all the time..And they are never satisfied no matter how muscular they look. That’s why they get bigger the each time you see them

work harder

9. Malaysians be like, “Hey, can you help me to carry the cupboard over there?”..Body builders actually feel appreciated when you ask them this sorta help
10. They like showing off their biceps and other muscular parts of their body

show off

11. Speaking about showing off their biceps, they always wear tight cloths 
12. But seriously…they have every right to show off their muscular body cause they work really really hard for it

be like

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