12 Facts About Brickfields Asia College, Kuala Lumpur


1. Brickfields Asia College is situated at the heart of Kuala Lumpur

2. Majority of the students here are Chinese. The college staff and lecturers on the other hand are mostly Indians

3. Transportation to this college was never a problem if you use the public transport (RapidKL, LRT, Monorail, KTM)

lrt kl central

4. If you decided to drive here, then do prepare for one of the worst traffic jam in your life

5. On the other hand, food was never a problem as well. We will either be dining at the Cafeteria on the 4th floor or other various restaurants around the area. (Shiok Kopitiam@YMCA, banana leaf restaurants, Oldtown White Coffee and much more!!)

shiok kopitiam

6. Although the college looks small, the facilities here are pretty good. We have dance studio, gym, polo table (3rd floor)

7. Since it’s a small college, something just have to be small. So we think they decided to make the classrooms small (a bad move)

small classrooms

8. On top of that, students have this habit of reserving seats for their friends. In other words, if you are late, you will probably have the worst seat in the class

9. BUT the lecture halls at the BAC II/Wisma Koponas is pretty good

wisma kosponas bac

10. Speaking of lecture halls, many of us do skip lectures because the lecturers never take our attendance during this period

11. The new NU Sentral (shopping mall) project was recently completed and the best part is that the mall is located just across the street for us. 😉


12. Many would think that studying in Brickfields area is something to be worried about. If you do think so, then you are wrong. BAC is a great place to study in and it is also convenient in terms of transportation

We are pretty sure we left out many facts here, please do not hesitate to add them in the comment section below And for those who would like to contribute a piece for their own college/university, you can send it in here.

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