12 coolest car number plates in Malaysia

oh maria-compressed
1. We got to start with something dirty..So here is a PENIS


2. Don’t worry…Jari, Kaki and Mata also have

jari kaki and mata-compressed

3. MAH41..that sounds like Mahai…wait what!?


4. Tahi, Taxi and Tari…Does this look like a coincidence…hmmm


5. But we are pretty sure this is not a coincidence…Nabi…Respect bro!


6. But you know lah..these number plates are so expensive..Only orang kaya can buy..EH! HI DATUK NAJIB!

eh najib

7. Got fake Najib also out there…


8. Need to call the POLIS to catch this fake Najib…


9. Anyways…have you seen a WAJA number plate on a WAJA before?

waja on a waja

10. Or have you seen a SLUT on an Audi R8 before? 
But don’t be confused..there are two types of SLUT you normally find on an Audi R8..One is the number plate and the other one is just a SLUT.


11. But then guys…whats more important in life compared to all this cool car number plates is WATER


12. Without WATER, you MATI


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