11 Types of workers you see in Malaysia

work in malaysia
1. The Perfectionist 
This person always want things to be done his/her way. If something is not right, everything is not right for them.
2. The YOLO – You Only Live Once

risk takers

This person doesn’t have to be the best or the most talented, but they are always willing to take a chance. They aren’t afraid of making the first move, or being wrong. They have great levels of self-confidence and they’re willing to bet on their success.
3. Mr./Mrs. Reliable 
Having this person in the office is always a pleasure. They are always there whenever you need them and you can definitely rely on them. For example, if you are running late for a meeting and you need some documents to be printed out, then this person will certainly come in handy. But do return the favor lah! 
4. Mr./Mrs. Positive

we fight

If you are running out of self-confidence, then you should turn out to this person. Whenever they open their mouth to speak, it’s always motivation, motivation and motivation! 
5. The one who complains about their job
These people have no idea what are they doing in the particular company. Their mind is somewhere else doing something they are passionate about but their body is doing something that makes them complain about their job all the time.
6. The one who loves their job

love my job

Now these people are at the right place at the right time. They literally never get sick off talking about their job. 
7. The ass-kisser 
The person who always stick closely with his/her boss and always compliments the boss. But then again, this is actually the fastest way for one to climb up the ladder in the particular company. 
8. The office foodie

lets get lunch

Whenever you see them in the office, they are always snacking like nobodies business. And they always talk about food. For example, an hour before lunch they will be like “Eh, where to eat lunch ah?”, “I heard there is this noodle stall in Uptown that serves delicious beef noodles”.
9. The one who is always late
This person will always come in late to work. And their main excuse is “traffic jam”
10. The procrastinator 


In Malaysia, there are many people who actually procrastinates. 
How do you handle them you ask?: Well, deep down, the procrastinator is really guilty about all this. They hate themselves. So all you need to do is keep reminding them. Once every hour should be enough. First they’ll get angry with you. Then they’ll get angry with themselves. Then they’ll be sad and they will start watching their favorite TV show. Then it might – just might – get done. 
11. The Gossiper 
The people who gossips are not only the ladies. This behavior actually exist in men too (Based on a research, men more likely to gossip than women). You just can’t stop these people from gossiping. If you try to stop them to gossip, they will gossip about you trying to stop them to gossip. 

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