11 Types of people you’ll see during RECESS TIME in Malaysian high school

canteen di malaysia
1. The guy who borrows money from you for food and never returns it back
2. The Malaysian version of gossip girls can also be seen during this period
3. The people who haven’t complete their homework. They are usually copying another friend’s homework at full speed during this time

go go go malaysia

4. Hungry monsters (nowadays they are known as “Foodie”..Pfttttt
These people are hungry all the time, however, since Malaysian high schools only got one recess time period, they tend to make full use of the time to eat as much as they can.
5. The creepy crawler or also known as the stalkers
They are usually found walking closely to their preys.
6. The person who doesn’t like to queue at his/her favourite stall so once the recess bell rings, he/she be running to canteen like this

road runner

7. Multiple type of groups can also be found eating together during recess time. Below we have listed the types of group you usually see in a canteen
  • Indians eating with the Indians
  • Chinese eating with the Chinese 
  • Malays eating with the Malays 
  • The Satu Malaysia: Malay, Chinese and Indians eating together gether 
But its pretty rare to come across the Satu Malaysia people in a Malaysian school canteen.
8. If you studied in a co-ed/mix school, then you will see couples sneaking around to “romen”

pelajar dating

9. And the people that always come to your table while you’re eating and be like “NAK SIKITTTTTTT”
10. The loner. They always come to school with homemade food made by his/her mum. And they normally enjoy their meal alone
11. Prefects…..screw you! We know you people get to go recess earlier than us. So this post is not dedicated for you

malaysian prefects

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