11 Types of people you’ll see during EXAM TIME in Malaysian high school

exam time malaysia-compressed
1. The person who is too prepared. You can spot this person easily. Their table normally looks very neat with the stationaries all arranged properly
2. The person who prefers sleep over education. This people can be found sleeping 90 percent of the time during a particular exam

dont give a shit anymore

3. Exam hero…He/she usually finishes the exam paper super early..And they walk out the examination hall door like a boss
4. Printer…They CAN’T stop asking invigilators for extra paper
5. The Dark Neck Rises. These people are sneaky. Their neck suddenly become damn long trying to copy friend’s answers

long neck malaysian

6. The one who is in love land. He/she normally stares at his/her crush the whole time during the exam period
7. Artist. They tend to draw weird stuffs on their examination paper. We wonder what are they doing in science stream..Clearly they should be in arts stream 

you can be anything you want

8. Alberto Einstein..These people are annoying. Even the teachers find them annoying. They always raise their hands to question the questions in the question paper
9. The book keeper. They keep their textbooks/reference books quietly in the toilet….and the rest is history
10. The person who can’t stop coughing or sneezing! Seriously bro…..if you sick you do exam in the hospital lah…How to think for the answers if you keep making noises
Because of you I fail………

blame others

11. And the last one…this is the only time you can actually witness a Malaysian writing at full speed

5 minutes left

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