11 Types of Massage You See in Malaysia

cheese massage malaysia

1. Cheese Massage


Legend says that it involves some sort of cheese, a lady and your penis.

2. Thai Massage

thai massage in malaysia

Legend says that this is one of the best massage to go for if you are looking for some serious bones and joints cracking. But in Malaysia you also get some extra service that involves your penis.

3. Adult Toy Massage

Legend says that this involve some toys, your penis and of course a lady from another part of the world.

4. Lip Massage

Legend says that this involve the lady’s lip and your penis.

5. B2B Massage

Legend says that B2B stands for Body to Body. As the name sounds like, it involves your body and a lady’s body rubbing each other with some lubricant brand which you have never heard of.

6. Happy Massage

happy massage

Legend says that you will come out of the massage centre with a smile on your face.

7. Fire and Ice Massage

Legend says that this is an oral pleasure given using an extremely cold substance (such as ice) or an extremely hot substance (such as heated massage oil), in order to intensify the sexual pleasure.

8. Dragon Massage

Legend says that the masseuse turns the patron into the prone position and, without lubrication, violently penetrates the anus with at least one finger

9. Volcano Massage

volcano massage malaysia

Legend says that this massage has only one ending which is an eruption. But technically all the massage listed here ends with an eruption, so we are wondering how can this be different.

10. Honey Massage

Legend says that it involves honey and your penis. However, there are not many massage parlours in Malaysia these days that follows the rules of using honey as the price of honey has gone up.

11. Air Massage

Legend says that you feel like floating in the air during this massage.

The point here is that nowadays there are more dodgy massage centres in Malaysia compared to the legit ones.

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