11 Things To Stop Doing In 2016


Bad habits are hard to break but these are some of the things you should really stop doing in 2016.

Let’s live well in 2016.

1. Stop going for expensive brunches.

And spending ridiculous amounts of money on coffee and desserts just so you can take pretty pictures of them and prove to people you are hip and relevant.

2. Stop complaining about politics.

If you are knowledgeable and educated about the going ons, then fine. But if you are just adding fuel to the fire and have nothing constructive to contribute, then shut it. If you really feel so much about it, then find meaningful ways that can help make the situation better instead being keyboard warriors that accomplish nothing.


3. Stop being a couch potato.

Yea, there are really great TV shows on right now but don’t spend all your time on them. Find a hobby, volunteer, make art—do something that makes you move and create and inspire.


4. Stop talking about that trip you want to take.

Stop talking about the trip you will make when you have the money or the time or the companion. If you want to go, then go! Life can be very short sometimes.


5. Stop making excuses for not exercising.

You want to be healthy and look good? Then work for it. There is no shortcut.


6. Stop complaining about your relationship or lack of.

Stop moping around wondering when ‘The One’ will arrive as you watch all your friends get paired up. Get yourself out there and maybe you’ll bump into him/her.


7. Stop putting the lifestyle you want on hold.

Start integrating the habits you want to maintain — like going to the gym, cooking, or meditating before work — into your daily life.


8. Stop ignoring your mental health.

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Don’t ignore or belittle it.


9. Stop spending most of your work day staring at a wall wondering if this is actually something you want to do for the next 30 years.

It isn’t just about working at a job you love, it is about setting career goals and working to achieve it. If this isn’t the place you want to be, then what are the steps you can take to reach the place you want to be at?


10. Stop envying someone else’s life on social media.

Stop comparing your life to someone else’s picture perfect moments. You have no idea what is truly happening behind the scenes. Just focus on your living your best life.


11. Stop feeling bad or guilty.

If you want to eat the chocolate chip cookie, eat it! If you want to buy that pretty dress, get it! Don’t feel bad for indulging yourself once in a while.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.