11 Things That You Will Only See in Malaysia


Malaysia is unique in it’s own way. We have our own style in doing things and we never once against it, instead we laugh about it.

1. We have our own techniques of selling a used car (We place unused bottles on top of the car and the car is officially for sale)

sell car


2. Beware of Snatch Thief signboard

snatch thief


3. Rubbish everywhere. Even on highways

sampah everywhere

4. Cars on motorcycle lane

cars on motorcycle lane


5. Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Wak KENTUT



6. Policeman hiding to summon you or to catch you on speed trap

hiding policeman


7. Toooo smart Malaysians

very smart people


8. Cows in drive thru Mcdonalds

lembu in drive tru


9. Motorcyclist own the road, parking lot and probably every part of Malaysia

parked everywhere


10. Broken roads here and there

broken roads


11. And lastly! Japanese cars with Proton logo


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