11 Things only Malaysians with unique names will understand

you are going to name me what-compressed
1. You get a mild heart attack when the Starbucks barista asks for your name

shocked names

2. And you will silently pray hoping the Starbucks barista spelled your name correctly 


3. People tend to ask you if you are a foreigner 


4. “So, what’s your real name?” You feel like killing them

let me kill you

5. At times, some of your friends will even ask why your parents gave you that name

did i-compressed

6. You have lost count correcting people misspelling your name

im sad-compressed

7. Speaking of misspelling your name, that feeling when you have to redo, resubmit, or reapply official documents because your name is spelled wrong

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8. You even have to bare with people calling you with nicknames because your name is too hard to pronounce for them

im still sad-compressed

9. And you hate the fact that you can never have a souvenir (keychains, etc) with your name on it

names malaysia

10. But it actually makes your day when a stranger pronounces your name correctly

praise the lord

11. And after all the struggle you have been through in life….you will never name your children, dogs, fish, cat or stuffed animals with anything unique/weird


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