11 Things only Malaysian girls with long hair will understand

1. Hair elastic is IMPORTANT

hair elastic is important

2. Because if you do not have hair elastic, your hair gets stuck in almost everything
3. Your hair does not look like this when the wind is blowing 

you hair

It’s a LIE!
4. Driving with the windows open is also not a good idea

long hair window down

5. Shampoos and conditioners make you go broke 
You value every little shampoo/conditioner drop
6. Waiting for your hair to dry is like waiting for the Malaysian car price to reduce 

wet hair

It will never happen anytime soon
7. And, blow-drying takes forever too
8. Brushing your hair is as good as a workout

hate brushing hair

9. Speaking about brushing your hair, your hair brush tend to look like this 


10. And everyone that steps into your house, room or bathroom knows that you have hair fall problem
11. But then, the love-hate relationship you have with it. Long hair, you’re a pain to maintain, but it just wouldn’t be the same without you…

girls be like

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