11 Things only Malaysian girls who don’t wear make-up understands

dont wear make up
1. You have no idea what to do with a huge make-up box

i dont even

2. All those make-up tutorials you see on YouTube doesn’t make sense to you and you find it difficult to follow the tutorials 

close enough

3. Words like concealer and foundation doesn’t ring a bell in your head
4. You have no idea why one would actually spend a bomb on all these make-ups. You rather save them cash
5. Eyelash curlers and eyebrow trimmers looks terrifying 

what the actual

6. 9 kinds of eye liner pencils?? 20 different brushes for your face?? What is this fuckery? 
7. When you’re with someone who talks a lot about make-up, you feel out of place

i dont get it

8. You consider yourself as low maintenance.. All you need is your favorite color of lip gloss and a eye liner pencil..You are good to go
9. But when it comes to dressing up to attend wedding functions, it puts you in a real dilemma because of the fact that you don’t know how to put make-up on and you don’t have the ‘instruments’

bad make up

10. Despite all of those, you do appreciate people who can take time off and put their make-up on
11. And there are times where your friends or family put make-up on for you…and it makes you feel and look beautiful

looking beautiful

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