11 things more embarrassing to buy than condoms in Malaysia

Image Source: cilisos.my
Checkout assistants, whether they know it or not (we know they know), have a reputation for being the most judgmental people on Earth especially in Malaysia when you slip that box of condoms on the counter. 

No but seriously guys, there are things that are way more awkward than buying condoms

1. Laxatives


You can’t poo and now everyone knows it – congratulations!

2. Viagra Pills

Now everyone knows you can’t get it up (double whammy when it’s a female checkout assistant)

3. Paying anything in (loads of) coins rather than cash


Now the queue has built up and everyone thinks you’re a cheapskate! (they can go **** themselves)

4. Large quantities of alcohol (especially in 7-11)


The clerk doesn’t know if you’re having a party or if you’re going to take 3 months to drink it. Do you tell them?

5.  Wart Treatment

Let’s just say that someone will be ceremoniously scrubbing their hands immediately after serving you.

6. Butt Plugs and Dildos Buttplugs

7. Anal Lube (or any kind of lube)


Ok we’re all grown up and regular lubricant = not so embarrassing, but Anal Lube = we all know what you’re getting up to this weekend!

8. Morning after pill


Nothing says ‘We were too embarrassed to buy condoms in the first place’ quite like this Plan B prescription. Or we just like having it RAW!!! (if you know what I mean)

9. Headlice Shampoo 


Set it on the counter and watch everyone around you take a big step back

10. Lotion and Tissues and NOTHING ELSE!!


They know what you’re up to

11. Deodorant for the opposite sex

You can pretend your girlfriend just ran out – but everyone knows that you just prefer the delicate feminine smell.

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