11 Things Malaysian Girls Do But Never Admit

Malaysian Girl

1. Woke up wearing yesterday’s makeup. Apply new layer on top. Good to go.


2. The moment when we take our high heels off. FREEDOM!!!

3. Have the whole day to get ready. DO everything in the last minute. Be late. Be an hour late.

10986184_1572988406281026_1355078152_n4. We actually enjoy squeezing blackheads out

Squeezing out a huge blackhead gives us the same weird satisfaction I’ve mentioned above. It’s kind of like having a mission to force out the foreign object that’s hurting your looks and, once you have managed to complete this mission, you become your own personal hero.

But why squeeze blackheads when you can make them go away? The secret is here. You know you want it ladies.

5. Own lots of dresses but constantly wear the one that makes your best feature pops. (We all know)


6. And we often say the opposite of what we think

woman always right

7. You always say that you are fat but the actual fact is that you are thin as a penyapu lidi.


8. We girls will never admit that we eat a lot in front of our guy friends.


’No la, I cannot finish one, you eat for me k’’

9. We buy clothes because they are beautiful. But we have no clue how to take care of them.


10. We girls use a lot of whitening cream to have that fair skin but we never admit that we use them. For those of you who ”Don’t Use” whitening products, feel free to ”Not Check Out” the 5 step Japanese Skincare Ritual to procelain radiant skin – EVERSOFT SKINZ UV WHITE (Wechat ID: EVERSOFTSKINZ)

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11. Deny this whole list. Agrees every point silently 

Yeah Right

Written by Eversoft Skinz

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