11 Things Malaysian Do When They Are Drunk

drunk people in malaysia
1. If you ask them if they are drunk, they will say NO, I’M NOT drunk
drunk baby original
2. They keep drinking more alcohol (Not high yet bro, still can drink)
3. And if you ask them if they can drive, they will say YES. Which they will end up being in a police roadblock (Abang, tolong la, Saya ni student lagi)
police roadblock in malaysia
4. They start text-ing their Ex-girlfriend/boyfriend or the girl/boy they are interested in (drunk text)
5. They use the words “I Love You” more than usual
6. Giving people they don’t know free drinks (Hey man, this one is on me. The next you get ok – the next never comes)
free drinks for you
7. Buy as many drinks as they can as if they own the world
8. They reveal inappropriate secrets (I masturbate 4 times a day)
9. They say exactly what they think about their friends and the best part is that, they say it to their face (Actually I dont like your race but I like you)
10. Exciting plans are made by them when they are drunk but those plans are never to be fulfilled because of the f**ed up feeling (hangover) they get the following day
11. They always regret doing everything listed above the following day


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