11 Stereotypes on Indian girlfriends in Malaysia

indian girlfriends malaysia

1. Meeting her parents = DRAMA

few rules

2. You going out with your friends = DRAMA

hanging out-compressed

3. You drinking alcohol = DRAMA


4. Going out with her in public = DRAMA


5. Meeting her friends = DRAMA

indian girls malaysia

6. Getting close to her friends = DRAMA

drama bro-compressed

7. Talking to other girls as friends = DRAMA

basic bitches

8. She will always have an ex boyfriend that wants to chop you into pieces = DRAMA

angry malaysian indian

9. If she has a brother…He will not like you and he wants to chop you into pieces = DRAMA

angry malaysian indian

10. You go back home with her and she forces you to watch Tamil drama = DRAMA

tamil drama

11. Getting married and starting a life together = FOREVER DRAMA

arrange marriage

We recently produce a piece on the stereotypes on Chinese girlfriends in Malaysia too.. And don’t worry, we didn’t leave you Malays out too.. check stereotypes on Malay girlfriends in Malaysia.

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