11 Night Clubs in Klang Valley We Used to go

ministry of sound mos-compressed

1. Bar Celona @ Sunway Pyramid

bar celona-compressed

The club that always kena raid from Jais.

2. Ministry of Sound, Euphoria @ Snnway Pyramid

ministry of sound mos-compressed

Most of the people that goes here back then were from Taylor’s College, Sunway College and Inti College.

3. Mist Club @ Bangsar 

mist club bangsar

This club is located all the way in Bangsar but surprisingly lots of students from Taylor’s/Inti/Sunway travel to party at this place as well. There is always a fight at the end of the night

4. Helo Bali @ Sunway Pyramid

helo bali

Club for ”atas peole”. Why? Because they got a escalator to escort patrons to the club entrance.

5. Coco Banana @ Sunway Pyramid 

coco banana

Lots of drug related cases here.

6. The Opera @ Sunway Pyramid

the opera-compressed

The club that bans Melayus to enter

7. G6 Club @ Gardens Mid Valley 


The Lala Club Part 1.

8. Aquasonic @ Sunway Pyramid 


The Lala Club Part 2.

9. Vertigo @ Gardens Mid Valley 


This club is always filled with people who wants to loose their virginity. Basically underage Malaysians.

10. The Butter Factory @ Jalan Kia Peng

Butter Factory KL-compressed

Was doing well until they ended their franchise agreement due to numerous breaches. We think this place is cursed because all the new clubs that comes here will slowly run out of business.

11. Zouk @ Jalan Ampang


This is the only place most of us will be looking forward to go to when we turn 21. It’s just a mission we need to complete.

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