11 Facts About Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

facts about taylors lakeside campus

So, Taylor’s Lakeside is one of the most well known Universities in Malaysia. They have also won several awards but what’s on the inside? Here are the facts that you should know.

1. Hot Ladies are Everywhere

2. We have major parking problemTaylor’s management, we know you know about this issue. So, FIX IT.

3. Everyone thinks Taylor’s students are rich. But you are wrong.

4. The traffic jam in lakeside after 4.30PM is just unimaginable “CRAZY” – Also FIX THIS!

5. In a way, we have the cleanest toilet compared to other Unis

6. Some of our timetable are pretty messed up. There are class till 8PM and some even have classes on Saturdays!

7. There are always some loosing their thumb-drive in the library 

8. Speaking of library, we have an outstanding modern designed library, but it’s noisy at times

taylor's lakeside library


9. Taylor’s website was once hacked – by Elite-h4xor

taylors hacked


10. Our elevator stops at every floor during peak hours

11. We also have a Mini cinema and students tend to sleep in it

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