11 Facts About Sunway, Petaling Jaya

11 facts about sunway pyramid

1. Sunway Petaling Jaya was once a mining land

2. The land was purchased by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Fook Ling at RM0.50 per square-feet back then. Many thought that he was crazy for making such decision

jeffrey cheah

3. Sunway Pyramid is one of the most creative looking shopping mall Malaysia

4. They used to have monorails that travels around Sunway in the late 90s but it was discontinued after a few years. We are really not sure why

sunway monorail pj

5. There are two parts of Sunway. One is the Sunway that most of us know (the area with shopping mall) and the other is called Sunway Mentari or also known as the “dark-side”.

6. Many middle eastern folks love going to Sunway Pyramid and we think it’s because of the pyramid shaped mall which reminds them of Egypt

7. They used to have a driving range (golf) located nearby Sunway Medical Center, however, they decided to tear it down and build something more profitable

8. There are lots of modified sportcars that can be found nearby Rock Cafe as there are many specialist workshops located in the area

9. Speaking of Rock Cafe, there are two famous universities located in Sunway and they are known as Sunway University and Monash University. As a result, you tend to see many university students around the area

sunway monash university

10. If you are looking for a good affordable steamboat, then Sunway Mentari is the place to be

11. Sunway Lagoon is the largest amusement park in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, however, on average we head there like once in 10 years time. So, the next time we head there is probably when we start having kids

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