11 Facts About Kim Jong-un


1. A 560m slogan is engraved in North Korean hillside, reading ”Long Live General Kim Jong-Un, the shining Sun of North Korea”. Each letter is 20 meters long.


2. After his mother died, he ballooned to 90 kg. He now suffers from hypertension diabetes.


3. It was uncertain whether he was born in the year of 1983 or 1984. He is the world’s youngest Head of State.


4.He went to The International School of Bern, Switzerlandunder a fake name Pak Chol. He was once found with a bondage porn magazine during an exam.


5.He is so scared of barber that he cuts his own hair. It is now an iconic hairstyle, know as the ”youth” or ”ambition” haircut.


6. He loves basketball and played fiercely while at school.


7. His older brother was dismissed by Kim Jong-il as too girlish to lead.


8.Propaganda videos under his reign show the White House being destroyed and New York and Barack Obama in flames. The latest video outlines a plan to take 150,000 US soldiers hostage


9. He had plastic surgery before. This was an effort to create a closer resemblance to his grandfather. Kim Il-sung


10. He was named the ”Sexiest Man Alive for 2012” by a  comedy website, The Onion. The North Korean media believed that was true


11. He received an Honorary Doctorate from an Obscure Malaysian University, Help University


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